Subtitles for Reply 1994 

Focuses on the life events of the residents of a boarding house in '90's Seoul. The plot revolves around the passion and vigor of being a young adult; the challenges of moving to a new ...

Release: N/A

IMDB: 8.1

Genders: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Countries: South Korea

Time: min

Updated: 9 months ago


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Brazillian Portuguese Answer me 1884-Reply 1994 - Ep 01-20 +epilogo 1-2 portugues 9 months ago 27 834.7KB verifique a sincronização
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E21.END.131228.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 40.3KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E16.131213.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 29KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E17.131214.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 26.4KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E18.131220.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 39.1KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E19.131221.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 31.7KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E20.131227.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 31.5KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E11.131123.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 34.4KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E12.131129.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 33.4KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E13.131130.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 36.2KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E14.131206.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 31.5KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E15.131207.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 25.7KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E09.131115.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 38KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E10.131116.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 34.7KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E06.131102.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 35.3KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E07.131108.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 27.3KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E08.131109.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 33.2KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E01.131018.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 28.1KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E02.131019.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 30.6KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E03.131025.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 30.5KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E04.131026.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 32.7KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita
Brazillian Portuguese Answer.Me.1994.E05.131101.HDTV.X264-iPOP one year ago 1 28.3KB (DramaFever) sincronia perfeita