The Recall (2017)

The Recall (2017) - (2017)

When five friends vacation at a remote lake house they expect nothing less than a good time, unaware that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass-abduction.

Release: 06/02/2017


Genders: Sci-Fi

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 11

Time: min

Updated: 2 hours ago

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Indonesian Web (2 days ago)

Indonesian Web (2 days ago)


Orphan Black

Orphan Black - (2013)

A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.

Release: 04/14/2013

IMDB: 8.4

Genders: Action, Sci-Fi, Drama

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 879

Time: 44 min

Updated: 19 hours ago

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Dark Matter

Dark Matter - (2015)

The six-person crew of a derelict spaceship awakens from stasis in the farthest reaches of space. Their memories wiped clean, they have no recollection of who they are or how they got on ...

Release: 06/20/2015

IMDB: 7.3

Genders: Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 600

Time: 42 min

Updated: yesterday

Arabic Blu-ray (yesterday)

English Web (4 days ago)

English Web (4 days ago)


Continuum - (2014)

A detective from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future.

Release: 11/17/2014

IMDB: 7.7

Genders: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 1247

Time: 45 min

Updated: 4 days ago

Farsi/Persian Blu-ray (4 days ago)

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Romanian TV (9 days ago)

Private Eyes Season One

Private Eyes Season One - (2016)

Release: 06/04/2016

IMDB: 6.5

Genders: Drama

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 24

Time: 43 min

Updated: 6 days ago

English TV (6 days ago)

English TV (12 days ago)

English TV (20 days ago)

Final Destiny (2016)

Final Destiny (2016) - (2016)

When disgraced Flight Crash Investigator Sofia Gilchrist's brother dies in the crash of a plane she was supposed to be on, Sofia breaks protocol and secretly begins investigating the crash.

Release: 04/03/2016

IMDB: 4.7

Genders: Thriller

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 4

Time: min

Updated: 17 days ago

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Finnish TV (17 days ago)

Still Mine

Still Mine - (2013)

An elderly couple fight against local authorities in rural New Brunswick to build their final home.

Release: 06/06/2013

IMDB: 7.4

Genders: Drama

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 27

Time: 102 min

Updated: 19 days ago

English/ German Blu-ray (19 days ago)

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Preggoland - (2015)

A 35-year-old woman fakes being pregnant to fit in with her friends.

Release: 05/08/2015

IMDB: 5.5

Genders: Drama, Comedy

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 13

Time: 109 min

Updated: 21 days ago

Indonesian Blu-ray (21 days ago)

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Norwegian Blu-ray (6 months ago)

In Their Skin

In Their Skin - (2012)

The Hughes cottage vacation is violently interrupted by a family on a murderous and identity stealing journey, in search of the "perfect" life.

Release: 11/09/2012

IMDB: 5.3

Genders: Horror, Thriller

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 23

Time: 97 min

Updated: 27 days ago

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The adventures of a young orphaned girl living in the late 19th century.

Release: N/A

IMDB: 8.8

Countries: Canada

Subtitles: 46

Time: min

Updated: one month ago

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