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Kingdom - (2014)

A retired MMA fighter turned trainer juggles keeping his mixed martial arts gym running and keeping his family united.

Release: 11/02/2014

IMDB: 8.4

Genders: Drama

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 264

Time: 43 min

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Baywatch (2017)

Baywatch (2017) - (2017)

Devoted lifeguard Mitch Buchanan butts heads with a brash new recruit. Together, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the future of the Bay.

Release: 05/26/2017


Genders: Comedy

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 49

Time: min

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones - (2011)

While a civil war brews between several noble families in Westeros, the children of the former rulers of the land attempt to rise up to power. Meanwhile a forgotten race, bent on destruction, plans to return after thousands of years in the North.

Release: 04/17/2011

IMDB: 9.5

Genders: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy

Countries: USA, UK

Subtitles: 7015

Time: 56 min

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Through the Wormhole

Through the Wormhole - (2013)

Hosted by Morgan Freeman, Through the Wormhole will explore the deepest mysteries of existence - the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity. What are we made of? What was there ...

Release: 11/09/2013

IMDB: 8.7

Genders: Mystery, Family, Documentary

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 402

Time: 60 min

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TV show based on the 2007 film, "Shooter" about an American Marksman trained in counter intelligence and on the run from the U.S. government.

Release: N/A


Genders: Action, Drama

Subtitles: 411

Time: min

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Wentworth Prison

Wentworth Prison - (2013)

Bea Smith is locked up while awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her husband and must learn how life works in prison.

Release: 06/20/2013

IMDB: 8.7

Genders: Crime, Drama

Countries: Australia

Subtitles: 465

Time: 45 min

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Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum, decides it's time to find a girlfriend, a journey that sets Sam's mom on her own life-changing path as her son seeks more independence.

Release: N/A

IMDB: 8.6

Genders: Drama, Comedy

Countries: English

Subtitles: 26

Time: 30 min

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After a plane crashes on a remote island, two best friends, and a diverse group of survivors cope with dangerous threats (many of which they cause). The two best friends, Danny and Owen, ...

Release: N/A

IMDB: 7.5

Genders: Comedy

Countries: English

Subtitles: 101

Time: min

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Le Bureau des Légendes 

Le Bureau des Légendes  - (2017)

"Malotru", a French intelligence officer, undercover in Syria for 6 years, is called back home. He will face the difficulty to forget his undercover identity, the disappearance of a colleague in Algeria, and the training of a young girl.

Release: 01/14/2017

IMDB: 8.2

Genders: Drama

Countries: France

Subtitles: 20

Time: 52 min

Updated: 42 minutes ago

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Long Weekend

Long Weekend - (2009)

A vacationing couple in the wilderness learns what happens when they disrespect nature.

Release: 08/04/2009

IMDB: 5.2

Genders: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Countries: English

Subtitles: 19

Time: 88 min

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